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Sunday, April 29, 2012

March-April, 2012: Winding up the winter stay

April 29, 2012
Peoria, AZ
So, where did the time go?  Who knows?  Since this happens to us every spring, I don’t worry about it much anymore.  The bottom line is that the Blog suffers from a lack of content (and attention) when we’re parked for the winter.  Life is much more worthy of comment when we’re on the road, it seems.
It’s definitely turned warmer over the past month.  We had our first 90° day on March 24th, and then a burst of 100°+ days in mid-April.  Whew!  Time to get on the road!
So, the last few weeks have been all about winding up our winter stay.  We’ve been eating off the freezer contents for a while now, knowing we’ll have much less space in the coach for bulk purchases.  We’ve been bringing quite a bit of the clothes and pantry items over to the storage area and have over half of the loading done early (with very few “why did we put that in the coach too soon” moments).  I managed to get the majority of the maintenance on the coach done: oil/oil filter/fuel filter changes for the engine and generator, furnace maintenance.  I’ve had it over to the house the past couple of days and managed to sanitize the water system, change all the water filters, and wash the exterior.
Now, we’re just about ready to hit the road.  We’re a little disappointed we won’t be seeing all the family and friends “back east” this summer, but we’re going to save some of the diesel fund and stay on the west coast.  We’ll end up in Vancouver and the Okanagan in British Columbia, and then head back down the coast, exploring some new areas and stopping at some of our favorites as well.